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Not Me! Monday September 6, 2010

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This will be quick. I gots things to do.

When we went camping last weekend I went down this awesome water slide about 7 times. It was great fun! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

But I did not, however, step over the edge at the end one time and completely bust my butt, back actually. Nope, not me! I’m graceful. Okay then when I was walking back up to do it again just after I didn’t fall I then did not hear two little boys talking about “that lady who fell.” No way because that didn’t even happen anyway. Then I most certainly DID NOT stop them before they said something I’d have to punch them in the mouth for by saying “Hey watch it! That was me!” I didn’t have a bruise on my upper left shoulder about three inches long. Not me.

Jack and I went to Moody Gardens on Friday. We had a pretty good time. I’ll post some picture eventually. But I didn’t spend $15 on two stupid precious little stuffed animals so that Jack could leave the bag sitting somewhere so that we could then spend about 45 minutes walking around the entire place trying to find it. Nope, not me! And I also didn’t get Jack to take this picture of me.

Because I’m way classier than that and that is just tacky and immature and in no way describes me. Promise.

One more thing and then I need to get some other stuff done.

My kids are not locked out on the patio right now playing with the water hose and screaming so loudly they’re probably disturbing our elderly neighbors. I never lock my kids on the patio. That’s awful and I wouldn’t do that.