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"We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams." – Willy Wonka

Just in case you’re wondering… November 25, 2010

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…so are we. We don’t know anything new yet about our possible new additions. I’m hoping we’ll know something new next week, but it might be the week after that. In the meantime we wait and hope and pray and think that maybe having just two kids isn’t as crazy as we thought. Because very soon it might be getting just a whole lot crazier.


This week we’ve been thinkin’ pink. November 19, 2010

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There’s so much I want to say about this past week, but there’s a limited amount of it that I feel at liberty to talk about openly, especially on this blog. This has been one of the craziest weeks we’ve maybe ever had.

Really all I feel comfortable saying at this time is that there are two little girls, 2 1/2 and 11 months old, who are very likely going to become our kiddos. Shocking, right?! Yeah, you’re telling me.

I can’t get into details online, so please don’t ask. But I’m calling on all of you who believe in the power of prayer to please lift up these girls. They need the forever family that we can provide. They need the wonderful extended family that we have. And they need the support of all of you, our friends. We know this is right. We are scared to death. As you can imagine, there are many uncertainties right now. But eight days ago we knew nothing of them and now, they’re all I can think about. I wanted to wait until things were more set in stone before I brought it up on this blog, but we aren’t really sure when that will be. Please just pray. Thanks.

Two girls… I still can’t wrap my mind around it.


Excerpt November 12, 2010

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He makes all things good
He makes all things good
There’s a time to live and a time to die
A time for wonder and to wonder why
‘Cause there is a reason
There is a reason

For the child afraid to close their eyes
The prayers that seem unanswered
There is a reason
There is a reason

Caedmon’s Call “There is a Reason” from their Overdressed CD.


Had a dream about a boat November 11, 2010

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The night before last I had a dream that Phillip and I sold our house and bought a boat. We decided we’d live on a boat, debt free. We don’t know anything about boats or water or boating or fishing or any of that stuff. And Phillip thought I was crazy for wanting to live on a boat, but he went along with it anyway. It was crowded.


October 11th November 3, 2010

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That’s how far behind I am on putting up photos of these kids of mine. Many mornings before we do much of anything we go outside on the patio and just chill for a little while. I usually drink a cup or two of coffee while Mikey begs me to jump on the trampoline with him, and I usually decline because of the coffee and all. So this is somewhat of a typical morning at our house. Since these pictures were taken Scott has gotten a much needed bath and haircut, the cat has grown and learned to drive a real car, and the chalk has long since washed away.

I’ve got Space Center pictures to put up (which are actually from Oct.1), Children’s Museum pictures, Halloween pictures, and other random pictures. I don’t know when or if they’ll make their way to this blog or not.

But anyway, I hope you enjoy these photos from the morning of October 11th, 2010. By the way, the pictures from this post are from the same morning.