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Just beachy October 12, 2010

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On Saturday Mikey wanted to go to the beach. So that’s just what we did.


We went to the beach… September 4, 2009

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So during the summer we went to the beach and snapped some pictures. I decided I wanted them in a little album and here it is. Nothing fancy but I really like it.



Ha! Ha! August 21, 2009

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I’m supposed to be working but I’m taking a slight detour to work on pictures of my own boys. And now I’m REALLY taking a detour to stop and blog about it. I want to do a 4X6 accordion album of our pictures from the beach in May. I needed to find another picture for the album so I went back to the originals to take a look. And I came across this. For whatever reason it didn’t jump out at me when I first went through these images but it did today. Which is why I never delete RAW files of my kids and will have to get more memory because of it. Anyway, here’s Jackson thrilled to have a camera in his face. This face cracks me up! Even with that sour expression, he is a beautiful child.



I want some family pictures too! July 24, 2009

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It would be so cool to have a recent and awesome picture of the four of us hanging on our walls. I don’t need a whole slew of pictures to choose from. Just a few good ones would be great. I’ve got tons of pictures of just the boys and Phillip and the boys. And I’ve got a few of me with a boy or two but non of the four of us together. Before we had a Mikey we could always use the tripod and set the timer but he’s not a sit still kind of kid. I need to get someone with some aptitude who can like hold a heavy camera somewhat level and focus and push the button for us. It’s a little harder than you might think. Do you know anybody that could do it? In the meantime I’ll just have to settle for this family picture. I’m not actually in it but I’m represented because I took it. Does that count?


2 da beach May 17, 2009

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We went out to Surfside this evening.  It was really crowded but we found a nice little empty spot to play and take pictures.  The boys absolutely love it out there.  


Here are a couple of Mikey in his car seat on the way.  Yes, those are his toes in the second picture.  He was trying to kick my camera through the head rest thing I was shooting through.  As you can tell, we got his hairs cut.  Now he can see again.  He’s so pretty.




My boys…



Just Jackson being cute.







He comes by his slight geekiness honestly.



Just Mikey being cute and kind of weird.  He looks like a bumblebee.




I don’t know what this is about.  Maybe he was trying to get a drink?




Alright, so I forced him to kiss me for a picture.



Gross-out alert March 2, 2009

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We hung out with the Stunz clan this evening at Surfside.  Jackson has been sick for a few days and we hadn’t really planned on bringing him but then we sort of had to last minute.  Anyway, I’m glad he went because he had a good time playing.  The Stunzs were fully aware of his potential strep throat and they wanted him anyway.  They’re taking off to Singapore soon so we need to spend what time we can with them.  Without really intending to, I caught a lovely picture of Jackson’s disgusting throat.  Check it out….not the best picture ever by any means but I had to share.  There’s a close up.