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Christmas 2009 highlights #2 January 18, 2010

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I’m so far behind on blogging! I’ve been so busy I just really haven’t had time. Here are a few more pictures from Christmas. Next stop…Mikey’s birthday party.

Phillip likes this cup.

My new pot that Aunt Gale gave me. It has already cooked gumbo and shrimp soup and it did a fine job!

Watch out!! Nana and Granddad got this Nerf dart thing for Jack. He was sort of okay with sharing it with his Uncle Josh and little brother.

Here we have our boys and my brother’s boys all sitting at the same time. As soon as I took this a couple of them ran away. That is a crazy bunch of boys right there!

The pig eats until he explodes. It’s pretty cool.

The four boys fighting in the dark with glow in the dark swords.

My mom with Garrett and Kyle.

My mom with her four youngest grandsons. My mom has SIX other grandkids and a great-grandson!!

And here’s one of my mom. Isn’t she cute? Don’t get mad, Mom.


Downhill November 30, 2009

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I thought maybe I would try to get a picture of the boys sitting in front of the Christmas tree this evening. Nothing fancy at all, just something in front of the tree so I can say I did. They were both in their pajamas so I thought I would give it a try. I got a somewhat decent one right off the bat. Not too bad, right?

But maybe I can do better. Maybe I can get one that’s a *little* better. I’ll keep trying…

Nope, that’s not it. Let’s keep trying. This is bound to work.

Hmmm…it seems things might be going downhill.

and fast…

Yep. Looks like we’re all done here.

Here’s one of Jack, the congenial child.

And here’s Mikey, the…. well, the one with the cute hair. It might appear that he’s being cooperative in this next picture but don’t be fooled. The only reason he’s looking at the camera is because I gave him strict orders not to. Reverse psychology still works on him for now.

And this one I told him that I was just taking a picture of the monkey on his sleeper so he thought he was off the hook. I lie to children. Did you know that?

My favorite is definitely this one. It’s so awful.