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The pit bull saga continues February 26, 2009

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On my previous blog,, I told you about our next door neighbor’s pit bull and how she won’t stay in her yard.  We have tried to be nice…really we have.  Today the nice ended.  I said I was going to get the electric line for our fence a few days ago when she jumped in and I didn’t do it.  I got busy and distracted and didn’t get around to it.  

Anyway, this afternoon I went out into our backyard with the boys and our dog.  The pit bull immediately jumped over and galloped right to Mikey and jumped up on him and knocked him on his rear.  When she jumped up on him, she scratched him a little through his shirt.  Her owners were outside and saw the whole thing.  Now I have to tell you that I could have intervened and I intentionally didn’t.  I allowed her to jump on him and knock him over because I knew he wasn’t in any real danger.  This dog is really just a huge, clumsy puppy at this point and I haven’t seen or sensed any aggression from her….yet.  I was close enough to him to get between him and the dog and I decided not to.  If I had thought for one second he was actually in danger, I would have done anything to protect him.  And he was absolutely fine and thought the whole thing was funny.  Then after the dog jumped on him, I let my neighbor have it.  I also called animal control….again.  While the anger was still fresh I went on out and bought the stuff we need to put the electric line up.  We’ll do that tomorrow afternoon.  I’m also getting a guy out to give us a quote on a wooden privacy fence.

So I’m sure someone might ask or want to ask why in the world I didn’t keep the pit bull from jumping on Mikey.  It’s because I would rather her jump on him now while she’s still relatively harmless than in a year or two when she could actually do some serious damage.  The dog owners saw it happen.  The animal control officer took the whole thing very seriously and *hopefully* came down hard enough on them to cause them to take action.

The whole thing is so infuriating.  She has jumped into our yard probably 7 or 8 times that I’m aware of already.  They’ve been saying for a month or more that they were going to chain her and they haven’t done it.  I told the guy next door today that I would gladly buy them a chain if it they couldn’t afford it.  And that made him mad.  Go figure.