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October 11th November 3, 2010

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That’s how far behind I am on putting up photos of these kids of mine. Many mornings before we do much of anything we go outside on the patio and just chill for a little while. I usually drink a cup or two of coffee while Mikey begs me to jump on the trampoline with him, and I usually decline because of the coffee and all. So this is somewhat of a typical morning at our house. Since these pictures were taken Scott has gotten a much needed bath and haircut, the cat has grown and learned to drive a real car, and the chalk has long since washed away.

I’ve got Space Center pictures to put up (which are actually from Oct.1), Children’s Museum pictures, Halloween pictures, and other random pictures. I don’t know when or if they’ll make their way to this blog or not.

But anyway, I hope you enjoy these photos from the morning of October 11th, 2010. By the way, the pictures from this post are from the same morning.


Alien Art October 13, 2010

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I am behind on blogging. A couple of weeks or so ago..?? some friends came over to help us make space alien robots out of boxes. And here is the result of all that. Hannah, Maddie, I’m SO GLAD that you came over to help us make such awesome space aliens!!! We couldn’t have done it without you!


Why homeschool? October 7, 2010

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Sometimes I feel the need to defend why we homeschool. I don’t know why exactly, just insecure I guess. I don’t really think it needs defending, but I guess I think that maybe most people feel the way I felt before I was a mom. I didn’t understand why anybody would homeschool. I thought it was absolutely crazy. I still think it’s a little crazy. The public school system wants to take my kids FOR FREE Monday-Friday for 8 hours, 9 months out of the year. FOR FREE!!! And I have decided to keep my kid home and teach him myself and give up hours of free time every day. Why? Why would I do that?

There are so many positive reasons to homeschool, but I guess if I could narrow it down to just one reason, I would say it is to protect my child’s worth. Or rather to protect my child’s feeling of worth. So much of school is worrying about how others feel about you.

“What do other kids see when they look at me? Am I cool enough? Do I have the right clothes? Do I listen to the right music? Is my house big enough? Am I worthy? Am I worthy of your approval? Like me. Please just like me. What can I do to make you like me?”

I think all of us can identify with this stuff. Some of us are scarred well into adulthood because of these questions. We carry them into adulthood and they continue to permeate every aspect of our lives. We carry insecurities. We carry shame from things we did to be accepted and loved. And I understand that some feel this is just a necessary rite of passage to adulthood. Many people argue that children who are homeschooled aren’t being “socialized” whatever that means. Any public school teacher can tell you that kids aren’t really allowed to socialize all that much in school anyway and much of the socialization isn’t even positive. Some feel that if we don’t sort through this as a child we won’t know our place in society or something along those lines.

But is it really necessary? Is it really beneficial? Can you honestly look back at some of your worst memories of elementary school, middle, or high school and say that those experiences made you a better person? Did feeling inadequate because of your weight or your Pro-Wings or your acne really prepare you for college? Did having to look perfect everyday help you become a better mom? Did going to all those parties really make you a more committed employee? Did dating her really make you a better husband?

I think that right now my child needs to find his self worth from people who adore him. He needs to be built up. He needs the foundation of knowing that he is good. He needs to know that God created him and that God doesn’t make mistakes. He needs a firm grasp of these things so that he doesn’t believe the lies that the world will tell him. He doesn’t need his education clouded by wondering what the kid in the next desk over thinks about him.

Do I think homeshooling is best for every kid or every family? No, I definitely don’t. Every kid is different and every parent is different. Some kids take everything that others say to heart, while other kids are able to take it with a grain of salt. Some parents are able to provide a safe at home learning environment, while others aren’t. Some parents are very involved with their child’s education even if they are in public school, while other parents turn a blind eye and trust that the school system is doing a fine job without their help.

I know myself well enough to know that if I truly want to be involved in Jackson’s education, then I need to teach him myself. I also know my own tendencies toward anger, and I know that I have to keep that in check to be able to provide a safe environment for my kids at home. I know Jackson well enough to know that at this time in his life his spirit can be crushed by what others might say or think about him. I’m trusting my instincts and God’s guidance to show me when the time comes that homeschooling may not be what Jackson needs. As far as Mikey, I’m not sure at this time if we’ll homeschool him or not. My guess is that we probably will at some point. Mikey and Jackson are as different as night and day. And the way I’m able to relate to them both is different too.

Many children have wonderful public/private school experiences. They thrive in ways that they simply wouldn’t have at home. Parents of kids in school should remember though that their kids are getting 40 plus hours a week of influence that they know very little about. They need to recognize when these influences are harming their kids, and they need to be willing to step in if it’s too much for their kid to handle on their own.


The second back up

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I got a new (old) camera last week. Phillip and I felt that we needed a third camera again since we’ve got two weddings coming up that we’re shooting together. I always have two cameras on at a wedding and Phillip has one when he second shoots for me. We found an almost mint condition Canon 1D on ebay. It’s only got 22K actuations (shutter clicks) on it so it’s still got plenty of life left in it. Here’s a picture of it. Looks pretty much like my other cameras. Some of the controls are in different places and are somewhat cumbersome.

I haven’t really had a chance to mess with it until last night. And I still didn’t really get a very good idea about how it’s going to perform. We were inside with poor lighting and I was using my flash. But I can tell that it focuses faster and more accurately than my 5D. It shoots more frames per second than my 5D. It has WAY more focus points, which I don’t know if I’ll even take advantage of or not. The shutter click is quieter and snappier, if that makes any sense. But the downside is that I will have more issues with noise with this camera. I knew that when I bought it. Also, the files are quite a bit smaller than what I’m used to, but can still easily produce 16X20 enlargements. I won’t be able to crop in as much with this camera, but I typically frame the shot as I want it to be when I shoot it in the first place. Overall I’m happy with this purchase. I’m looking forward to doing some outside stuff with this camera in good light. Here are a few I took last night with it. They pretty much look like photos taken with my 5D.

Phillip is really good at making this face.

Mikey has a nice bruise on his chest from falling over a chair or something.


this past week… September 24, 2010

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paint popsicles, ladybugs, puppets, haircuts, park, boggle jr., “C” chameleon, sweat, and a whole lot of cute.

Oh yeah…and we got a cat. We lost his collar the day after we got him. I keep hoping it will turn up so I haven’t bought another one.


Wait for it… September 23, 2010

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Jackson has a really hard time opening his eyes in the sun if I want to take pictures. He’s a really bad blinker. And when he really tries to keep his eyes open it’s even worse. This is what I got today when Mikey willingly sat by his brother and hammed it up for the camera. If you know Mikey, you know how incredibly rare this is.

Look how sweet he’s looking at Jackson! And Jackson…. well, he kind of blew it.

Come on, Jack. Please try to open your eyes.

Jack, you’re killing me.

Oh Mikey, thank you for sitting so nicely and looking at the camera!! Jackson…seriously…

YAY!! I’ll take it!


a homeschool picture post September 15, 2010

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We made buy eyes and “b” butterflies. The boys made labyrinths after school hours but I decided to include those photos in this post too because it looks educational. Mikey tried to write his name all by himself on his butterfly page! He made the M I E and part of the Y without any help or guidance from me. I was shocked! I almost peed my pants. TMI. Jack also learned about linking verbs and made sentences using index cards linking nouns and adjectives.


These days September 8, 2010

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These days we are spending a lot of time together. Learning, doing, creating, exploring, discovering, cooperating.

These days are wearing me out. These days are fulfilling me. These days I’m becoming a better mom. These days are what I was created for. These days will sustain me well into my old age.

I will never forget these days.


The first day. August 25, 2010

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3rd grade eve; preschool eve. August 22, 2010

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So tonight is the eve of Jackson’s first day of 3rd grade. We didn’t go back to school shopping. He doesn’t have his new snazzy clothes all laid out for tomorrow. His backpack is not sitting by the door waiting for him. He didn’t meet his teacher last week. He didn’t have a hard time going to sleep tonight because he’s so anxious about tomorrow. Homeschooling is just a “whole ‘nuther animal.” And I am really looking forward to this school year.

Mikey will be starting back to his “preschool” tomorrow. He’ll go every afternoon for three hours. I hope he doesn’t freak out. This is the same school, same classroom, same teachers as he had last school year so he’ll probably adjust fine. Phillip got him a new Jimi Hendrix t-shirt to wear on his first day. I’ll take a picture if he’ll let me but don’t count on it. He will surely look awesome.