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October 11th November 3, 2010

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That’s how far behind I am on putting up photos of these kids of mine. Many mornings before we do much of anything we go outside on the patio and just chill for a little while. I usually drink a cup or two of coffee while Mikey begs me to jump on the trampoline with him, and I usually decline because of the coffee and all. So this is somewhat of a typical morning at our house. Since these pictures were taken Scott has gotten a much needed bath and haircut, the cat has grown and learned to drive a real car, and the chalk has long since washed away.

I’ve got Space Center pictures to put up (which are actually from Oct.1), Children’s Museum pictures, Halloween pictures, and other random pictures. I don’t know when or if they’ll make their way to this blog or not.

But anyway, I hope you enjoy these photos from the morning of October 11th, 2010. By the way, the pictures from this post are from the same morning.


Oh Mikey. October 13, 2010

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Alien Art

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I am behind on blogging. A couple of weeks or so ago..?? some friends came over to help us make space alien robots out of boxes. And here is the result of all that. Hannah, Maddie, I’m SO GLAD that you came over to help us make such awesome space aliens!!! We couldn’t have done it without you!


Just beachy October 12, 2010

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On Saturday Mikey wanted to go to the beach. So that’s just what we did.


The second back up October 7, 2010

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I got a new (old) camera last week. Phillip and I felt that we needed a third camera again since we’ve got two weddings coming up that we’re shooting together. I always have two cameras on at a wedding and Phillip has one when he second shoots for me. We found an almost mint condition Canon 1D on ebay. It’s only got 22K actuations (shutter clicks) on it so it’s still got plenty of life left in it. Here’s a picture of it. Looks pretty much like my other cameras. Some of the controls are in different places and are somewhat cumbersome.

I haven’t really had a chance to mess with it until last night. And I still didn’t really get a very good idea about how it’s going to perform. We were inside with poor lighting and I was using my flash. But I can tell that it focuses faster and more accurately than my 5D. It shoots more frames per second than my 5D. It has WAY more focus points, which I don’t know if I’ll even take advantage of or not. The shutter click is quieter and snappier, if that makes any sense. But the downside is that I will have more issues with noise with this camera. I knew that when I bought it. Also, the files are quite a bit smaller than what I’m used to, but can still easily produce 16X20 enlargements. I won’t be able to crop in as much with this camera, but I typically frame the shot as I want it to be when I shoot it in the first place. Overall I’m happy with this purchase. I’m looking forward to doing some outside stuff with this camera in good light. Here are a few I took last night with it. They pretty much look like photos taken with my 5D.

Phillip is really good at making this face.

Mikey has a nice bruise on his chest from falling over a chair or something.


this past week… September 24, 2010

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paint popsicles, ladybugs, puppets, haircuts, park, boggle jr., “C” chameleon, sweat, and a whole lot of cute.

Oh yeah…and we got a cat. We lost his collar the day after we got him. I keep hoping it will turn up so I haven’t bought another one.


Wait for it… September 23, 2010

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Jackson has a really hard time opening his eyes in the sun if I want to take pictures. He’s a really bad blinker. And when he really tries to keep his eyes open it’s even worse. This is what I got today when Mikey willingly sat by his brother and hammed it up for the camera. If you know Mikey, you know how incredibly rare this is.

Look how sweet he’s looking at Jackson! And Jackson…. well, he kind of blew it.

Come on, Jack. Please try to open your eyes.

Jack, you’re killing me.

Oh Mikey, thank you for sitting so nicely and looking at the camera!! Jackson…seriously…

YAY!! I’ll take it!