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Stream of consciousness July 30, 2010

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We’re repainting the kitchen and it’s almost done. The fridge is out of place and it keeps weirding me out. I’m behind on editing and I have to catch up TODAY! That has to happen today. We went to bed at 1:00 last night and the boys spend the night with Phillip’s parents. I thought I would sleep pretty late but I woke up shortly after 8:00. I’m thinking about going back to bed for a little while even thought I probably shouldn’t. My camera equipment stuff has been heavily on my mind lately because I’m considering selling off my Canon stuff and switching to Nikon but I’m just not sure yet. When we get the tax credit from the house I’ll have to make a decision and stick to it for years. I think red accent stuff will look good in the kitchen and now I’m wishing that I ‘d gotten the red canisters like I wanted to instead of listening to Phillip and getting the black ones. Why did he have to have an opinion about canisters anyway. My mom is supposed to come home today. I wish I could bring her some ice cream from Dairy Bar but I don’t know if she’s supposed to have ice cream or not. But she’s not supposed to have anything at all from a restaurant for like six weeks so I guess ice cream from Dairy Bar would be out anyway. Maybe I’ll just get some for myself and not tell her about it. I need to get busy either editing or going back to bed.


Just life in general March 9, 2010

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My blogging is just not what it used to be, I’m afraid. It kind of seems like there’s just not much to write about lately. Not much has changed around here and that’s a pretty good thing. I certainly can’t complain…even though I do sometimes but that’s beside the point really.

Mikey’s hair is completely in his eyes again which is just part of the cycle that it takes before we finally get it cut. I think Friday is haircut day. I think he’s beautiful even if he looks somewhat unkempt at times. He doesn’t know the difference. Mikey had his three year check up last week and he weighs 42 pounds and is 41 inches tall….or I may have those reversed but regardless, he’s a big three year old. I still carry him around sometimes and will until I just can’t anymore since Phillip won’t let me get anymore babies.

Jackson still thinks he’s smarter than me and I’ve given up trying to prove otherwise. I ask him lots of stupid questions to help him think that I’m even dumber than I am. I think maybe it will help me in the long run if he thinks he’s smarter than me. I know the truth. I think it gives me the upper hand. This all sounds really ridiculous now that I’m reading it. Anyway…

We looked at houses again a few days ago. We found one that we think might be “the one” but who knows if it will still be around once our house sells. It’s a great house that has everything we need. It’s much more house than we have now but it’s manageable and very newly renovated. We wouldn’t have to do anything but move in and enjoy. Which reminds me, I need to get off my rear and get this house cleaned up.

I had to send my main camera off again about a week ago and I’m pretty ticked about that. The shutter was messing up on me. I just hope I get it back in the next few days. We’ve got two other cameras to use but I want that one. I’ve been getting a lot more wedding inquiries lately. And I’ve been getting a few bookings here and there. It would be so great if I were able to get about 10 or so weddings a year on average. So far for 2010, I’ve had two weddings and I’ve got two more booked and a couple more I’m hoping to get. So we’re getting there. It will just take time.

My mom should find out more about her MRI by the end of this week. Then I guess we’ll know what the next step is. The step right now is to wait and that step sucks.


Some kinda random November 28, 2009

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Just some random news here in our world.

Mikey is talking like crazy!! It’s so awesome to FINALLY hear his thoughts come out in a somewhat rational and intelligible way! I’m so excited to finally have to watch my mouth in front of him. It’s so great!

I got my main camera back a few days ago. There was indeed something wrong with it and it is now fixed. I’m very glad they didn’t tell me that it was user error and tell me just to read the manual. I might have been peeved.

Jackson has lost some teeth lately and has another one that will be ready to come out soon. He holds onto teeth forever. It’s almost impossible to get him to pull those things. Jack won’t put his teeth under his pillow at our house. He waits until he spends the night with his grandparents. The tooth fairy pays double over there. We’re fine with that.

I’m gratefully bombarded with lots of sessions, editing, and orders to process. This is a very busy time of the year which is why I don’t have much time to blog. In fact, I really shouldn’t be blogging now but photoshop is batch editing for me right now so it’s cool.

We got Mikey some precious footed sleepers on sale the other day. They are size 4 and we probably could have gotten a size 5. He’s not even 3 yet. He’s huge.

I will be launching a new wedding/engagement/bridal website by the end of the year or early next year. I’ve had a hard time finding time to get that done and ready to go.

Phillip and I are seriously thinking about selling our house and buying another one in a year or so. A few things would have to fall into place for that to happen. We’ve really outgrown this house. Mikey can easily use 1300 square feet all by himself. And 4 people living with one bathroom kind of sucks. I know that lots of families have grown up with one bathroom but if we can have two, that would be so awesome!

We got all our Christmas decorations out and up today. Phillip didn’t complain too much. We didn’t listen to Christmas music while we decorated. We listened to Wilco. I put some decorations in Mikey’s reach this year. We’ll see how that goes.

Santa Claus might bring Jackson a bike but Jackson doesn’t want a bike. He has zero interest in ever riding a bike. I don’t know what to do about it.

I started to get kind of sick a day or two before Thanksgiving but Seagate throat and nose spray saved me again. I haven’t been on an antibiotic in years.

I’m talking a little bit tomorrow in church. I spoke briefly a couple of weeks ago about our pregnancy losses. This week I’ll be focusing more on Mikey. The pastor wanted us to bring Mikey up to the front. I think that’s a BAD idea. We’ll show a picture.


Things that weird me out November 21, 2009

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I did a shoot last week with some friends of ours. Jim said that he would like to see a list of all the things that weird me out. Apparently I say that a lot. Who knew?

So Jim, this is for you.

– Raw chicken! Touching it, seeing it, smelling it, knowing about it…

– People walking in step (for no good reason) weirds me out. Especially if they’re trying to stay in step with me.

– When women call their husbands “hubby” or “hubs”….

– Putting clothes on dogs weirds me out. (We just bought a shirt for Scott, btw.)

– People wearing matching clothes weirds me out. Especially when it’s grown-ups. That’s just wrong, in my opinion. Prisoners wear matching clothes and it is NOT cute, people.

– The way Jackson pulls his pants up to his belly button. Weirds. Me. Out.

– Really long toe nails.

– Seeing our names in our State Farm calendar really weirded me out.

– That red truck that drives around the L.J. area that is COVERED in Jesus bumper stickers weirds me out.

– Aaron Sanders kind of weirds me out.

– Dentyne gum.

– Wearing skirts weirds me out.

– People hugging me sometimes weirds me out.

– Those pre-packaged ranch dressing packets that don’t require refrigeration GROSS me out!