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Mikey goes to the Sea Center July 16, 2009

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While Phillip took Jack to swimming lessons this morning, I took Mikey to The Sea Center. He was pretty good but he did run away from me quite a bit. But that’s just what he does. Here are some pictures. There are too many to upload individually but I think if you click on the individual picture you can see it bigger. Probably too big, but oh well.

Some things Mikey did while at the Sea Center:
– looked at fish
– sat in the middle of the lobby (?)
– ran away from me several times
– used the potty! (He’s doing great with potty training btw)
– tried to join a day care class (I considered tiptoeing away to see if anyone would notice they had one more)
– tried to dive into the water while his careless mother took pictures
– unsuccessfully looked through the periscope or whatever it’s called

Oh yeah, and when we got home he had a green (eeya) popsicle. About halfway during out Sea Center visit, Mikey told me no more pictures. He said this by making a disgusted face, shaking his head and saying something that sounded like “ehh pis.”